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Website + Email + Social + Video

I designed my first church website way back in 1998 and I’ve been designing and managing them since. I also wrote a book about how churches can utilize social media in 2014. So my experience with church communications runs deep and long.

The basics are still the same – keep it simple, make it easy to find and easy to navigate, and keep it up to date. But a lot has changed over the last couple of decades and the rate of change isn’t slowing down.

  • Search engines keep changing, so it’s important to know how to optimize your church’s website to be found in local searches.
  • Social media keeps changing, so it’s important to know how a website integrates with your overall online communications strategy.
  • Website standards keep changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends.

It’s also vital to make your church’s website a window into the life of your church with good photography, services (or at least sermons) on video, and obvious ways to get more involved.

Some churches have what is needed to put their best foot forward online. They either have

  1. a staff member (or practically full-time volunteer) dedicated to communications (and sometimes it takes a whole team), and/or
  2. plenty of money in the budget to spend on technology so they can let an outside agency.

What happens when your church doesn’t have the people with expertise in all things “communications” or an unlimited budget?

You find someone who 1.) has the expertise, 2.) loves the church, 3.) has the time, and you partner with them.

That’s me.

I launched 5ox Creative several years ago to become an agency that could come alongside churches, nonprofits, and spiritual leaders to manage communications.

Here’s a sampling of what we do:

Website Design, Development, and Ongoing Management

  • Domain name registration and management.
  • Website hosting and management.
  • WordPress-based website development.
  • Custom design and clean aesthetic.
  • Image and video optimization.
  • Copywriting and editing of pages and content.
  • Search engine optimized to be found by locals.

When it comes to websites, we go from blank slate to beautiful online presence and we obsess over these questions:

  • Does it look amazing?
  • Can people easily find it by searching online?
  • Is the most important information super obvious?
  • Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • Does it help people get more deeply involved?

But also…

Message and Sermon Series Design

  • Assistance in your strategy for sermon planning.
  • Graphics for each series and, when needed, each message.
  • Transcribing of sermons to adapt into articles.
  • Pulling video clips for use on social media.
  • Uploading to Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Integration of message videos into website.
  • Re-purposing of series’ into downloadable ebooks.

I spent twenty-five years preaching and preparing message series’ and now run a website entirely dedicated to helping pastors prepare to preach and teach. I’ve coached plenty of leaders through the process of planning their preaching calendar.

But then there’s also social media…

Social Media Management and Coaching

  • Optimization of social media profiles.
  • Structuring Facebook pages, groups, and events.
  • Creating a social media calendar.
  • Training of volunteer teams for sharing online.
  • Help with sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Heard enough? Want to chat about how we could help your church with your overall online presence and communication strategy?

Whether you need a little help with just a few of the services mentioned above or total management from start-to-finish, 5ox Creative is here for you!

It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done for a couple of decades.

So let’s talk.

No forms. No high-pressure sales pitches.