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What is Pastor Pages?

It’s a program we’re creating to help more pastors and ministry leaders share their message further and more effectively in a busy, noisy world.

One Time Up Front,

  • Help you register your domain and set up website hosting.
  • Create your WordPress-based website.
  • Set up your email list with an email newsletter service provider.
  • Audit and polish your Facebook and Instagram presence.

Every Week,

  • Study and prepare to preach.
  • Preach with passion and conviction.
  • Record your sermon on video (or audio only).
  • Send your sermon file to us.

Every Week,

  • Transcribe your message.
  • Edit your message into a full-length article.
  • Create 3 short message clips to share.
  • Create 5 social media posts from your message.
  • Email your email list with this week’s content.
  • Keep your website up to date.

Once Per Month,

  • We meet to help you plan your preaching calendar.
  • You offer feedback on how we’re doing.

As Needed, 

  • Give your website a visual refresh.
  • Keep your website up and running fast.
  • Optimize your website content for search engines.
  • Keep your website and scripts up to date and secure.

Up Front Cost:

  • Website setup.
  • Email list setup.
  • Social media profile audit.


Monthly Cost:


  • Message transcription.
  • Updating and maintenance of website.
  • Email list management.
  • Social media content creation.

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